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We guide your project from start to finish, helping you choose raw materials from countertops and flooring to window frames. Your goals and tastes set the tone, while we apply our wealth of experience, precision, and skill to come in on time and under budget – all determined up front, with no exceptions. Read more about home remodeling in the Bay Area.
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A2Z does it all bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and full house renovation
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our work Process

Our project manager comes to your home for a relaxed meeting of about 45 minutes. You can also come to our office, if you prefer. During this meeting, your project manager will lay out the milestones for the entire process, explaining what you’ll need to provide, such as municipal permits. Quickly after that meeting , you’ll receive a precise price quote and an estimated project timeframe. In 97% of cases, we meet that timeframe, while in 3%, it’s delayed by less than a week.
From the time you give us the green light, we stay in touch, starting by waiting with you for permits (without which some projects can’t start). If you look at our portfolio and testimonials, you’ll see how clear communication, precise work strategies, and attention to detail throughout the renovation process are our greatest strengths – as our customers can attest.
You are welcome to visit our store and showroom to see all your options, consult with us, and make your final selections when it comes to raw materials for countertops and flooring. Our interior designer will be happy to help you choose. Meeting deadlines is so important to us, along with giving our utmost attention to every question or request you might have. All of our experienced team members will do their very best for your project – from the infrastructure concealed behind the walls to what you’ll actually see in the space.
“The finale” by A2Z Concept is exclusive to our company, and because we’re able to provide literally everything under one roof, this is a really worry-free project. By the time we’re finished, your space will be spotless and fully remodeled.

Jasmine and Chris
"Soup to nuts"

We live in Oakland

What made us choose A to Z is they gave us the greatest amount of confidence that they would include everything from soup to nuts, from beginning to end, and that there wouldn't be a bunch of add-ons and things... Click to watch


"results have been fantastic"

Saratoga, Silicon Valley

We are super happy with the results from start to finish. It's been a really exceptional process and the results have been fantastic and really pleased with it...Learn more

With A2Z's in-house supply, you get all remodeling materials delivered rapidly before starting a project.
Your next remodeling design is (literally) around the corner.
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