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Our Berlin ADU model is perfect for someone with a bigger backyard and provides a modern ample living space. This model is the best fit for a couple and for your loved ones such as; children who are visiting home from college and in-laws. Additionally, generate extra income with long-term renters and increase your property value all at once. Complete with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a generous open floor plan for kitchen with an island and living space. 

The Berlin is modern with a color contrast. For each of our models there are 5 different color schemes and you can choose each style and color scheme you would like. Once you have chosen the style you will have the option to upgrade.


With our ADUs there is no need to wait months until the plans are done, we already have the engineering, architectural plans and we do the material shopping for you! The construction can begin as soon as you get a permit. 

Berlin is 496 Sq, Ft and the dimensions are 16’ x 31’, the base price starts at $290,000.

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