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A2Z Remodeling helps residential property owners adhere to Bay Area's mandatory retro fit programs, mitigate against earthquake damage, reduce liability, and increase safety.

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Local Retrofit Contractor

In the Bay Area, having a local contractor experienced in earthquake retrofitting and one who adheres to the building codes and requirements of Bay Area's mandatory retrofit program is vital. Our job is to make your building’s structural elements stronger in case of an earth quake.

Commercial earthquake services include:

  • Earthquake Retrofitting

  • Foundation Bolting

  • Wall Bracing

  • Cripple Wall Bracing

  • Repairing Cripple Wall Cracking

  • Additional Anchor Bolting


Benefits of A2Z Remodeling’s Seismic Retrofit Services

The best way to protect your business against the next inevitable earthquake is to plan a head and get started on our seismic retrofit program. Here are some of the top advantages:


Prevent Catastrophe

The main benefit of foundation bolting is it secures your building to the foundation to prevent severe damage, including walls buckling, collapsing, lifting off the foundation, and potential injuries to occupants.

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Fix Structural Deficiencies


Decrease Fatalities

Many soft-story buildings lack overhead support above the parking spaces. When the structure sways during a quake, damage can occur. We can make your building more resistant to lateral movements with reinforcements

The “cripple walls” run from the top of the foundation to the bottom of the main floor. Unbraced, they can collapse. That is one of the main causes of fatalities during a quake. Properly braced walls increase safety.


Reduce Liability

Within the next 50 years, USGS shows 97.52% of a significant earthquake within 31 miles of Bay Area. With our earthquake retrofit services, you can reduce your liability, limit damage, injuries, and possible fatalities.


Avoid Fine

When your building is retrofitted correctly to meet California’s laws and the building codes of Bay Area, it will be more resistant to seismic activity. Plus, you won’t be hit with fines and a possible misdem eanor charge

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Call us at: (800) 476-9660

A2Z Remodeling is a locally owned business, here to help you with your remodeling dreams.  We are two dear friends with over 10 years of experience in remodeling and design under our belts, providing service all over the Bay Area. 

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