Bathroom Floor Trends

Bathrooms can be very expensive to renovate, so most of us don’t upgrade that often. So, it’s important to get flooring that you love and that will stand the test of time. Your bathroom is a place of pure luxury and a place you go to relax. We love watching how a bathroom can transform with the perfect flooring. We have put together some of the most current, popular bathroom floor trends. Hopefully you can find some inspiration from our ideas.

Take a look at some of our favorite bathroom floor trends.

Parquet Flooring

The parquet flooring creates character and elegance to your bathroom - both traditional or a modern look bathroom. Also different patterns can be created with parquet flooring catered to the result you desire.

Bleached Flooring

The bleached flooring gives the impression of natural wood but with a tougher resilience. Bleached flooring is very popular in bathrooms for a more natural look. Combine neutral colors to your bathroom suite with this flooring and your bathroom will feel totally relaxing.

Wood Flooring

Wood effect flooring is perfect for a bathroom and is very similar to the bleached effect, it can make any bathroom look spectacular and adds a lot of character to your bathroom. These wood looking planks come in a variety of styles and colors.

Stone Flooring

Stone tiles flooring is very popular for bathroom floors. The stone design gives a cool feel, with a clean result. There are many different colors to choose with a stone effect. Whether you’d like a darker stone color in your bathroom or, you would like to make your bathroom appear larger with the lighter color stone.

Colorful Flooring

Get creative when you choose your flooring for your bathroom. It doesn’t just have to be neutral colors or wood or stone. Add a splash of color or pattern to give off a retro, vintage or farmhouse style to personalize your bathroom to your personality and make it mesmerising.

Here are some great examples:

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