Decking Trends

An outdoor deck design offers various perks and advantages; whether you want to dine, read a book, or enjoy the sunshine, they provide all that and more. Following are six outdoor deck designs to watch out for in 2022…

Deck with a bar – an attractive design idea, a great place to meet with friends and family whilst enjoying the outdoors, adding another level of functionality

Decking with a pergola – ideal for those who want shade from the sun, giving your outdoor space a beautiful and unique look

Bold and bright furniture – benches, sofas or even stylish hammocks, minimalist fixtures such as small tables and chairs

Relaxing water features – adding serenity to your deck, maybe a small fountain or even a pond, achieving an overall soothing atmosphere

Camping style fire pits – these pits placed in decks have various purposes, grilling, warming, or simply for show

Wooden deck flooring – a classic choice, elegant, timeless, and durable lasting for many years to come, wood is aways an option that never goes out of style

Outdoor deck design trends are constantly changing and evolving. So, experiment with it to see what works best.

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