Why is October a good month to remodel your home

The big question, “When is the best time of year to renovate my home?”

Here are the top six reasons why fall may just be the best time to invest in home renovation:

  1. Weather

The main benefits of waiting until fall for home renovation projects is that it offers great weather conditions for workers. During the summer, the heat can create very uncomfortable working conditions, especially for workers who are using large power tools and equipment that generate additional heat. When the weather cools off, it’s easier for workers to stay comfortable—which means that they can focus more on the project without getting distracted.

  1. Convenient scheduling

Another benefit of fall renovations is that it is easier to schedule projects at times that work for you. Contractors are usually less busy during the fall since most work comes in during the summer, so they are more likely to have scheduling availability that suits you.

  1. Interior spaces

Summer renovations often focus on exterior work, so fall renovation projects offer a great opportunity to focus attention on the inside of the home. Interior projects don’t depend on weather conditions, so there’s no need to worry about what the forecast has in store when planning.

  1. Less distractions

During the summer the kids will usually have time off school, and households may be a little bit busier with more distractions around. During the fall, there is plenty of time during the day for crews to get work done without interfering with the household.

  1. Lower costs

As contractors aren’t in such high demand during the fall, they often offer specials or discounts on the cost of services. This allows homeowners to save money on their project. Ask your contractor about discounted services or specials during the fall.

  1. The holidays

By the time fall arrives, the holiday season isn’t far behind. Investing in home renovation projects during the fall allows homeowners to show off their new home.

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