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The Power Of The Backsplash

In the world of renovations, variety truly is the spice of life! Backsplashes aren’t everything when it comes to your kitchen however, they do play an important aesthetic role. Most experts of renovation would advise one to choose the countertop prior to selecting a backsplash because they are a larger investment and take up a lot of space therefore contributing to the overall look of your space.

A good rule of thumb is to bring a few samples of the backsplashes you love into the kitchen after your countertops are installed so you can visualize the colors, textures, patterns and overall cohesion of the look prior to installing the perfect backsplash. We’ve put pulled some ideas together to help get those creative juices flowing. But first let’s talk a little more about the all powerful backsplash.

These beautiful aqua glass hexagon tiles from FIRECLAY TILE add a distinctive bohemian and clean vibe to this practical open concept kitchen and make the room pop! See the room come together here.

What’s a backsplash anyways?

Simply put, a backsplash is a type of material that fills the wallspace typically between the counter and cabinets or can even be over a sink or stovetop. They can cover any space from large scale walls to cute little peek-a-boo nooks.

Backsplashes add personality and character to the kitchen. They can make or break a kitchen’s feel and surprisingly can be an inexpensive way to update your kitchen even without a full blown renovation. Not all backsplashes are created equal and the sky really is the limit. There are some really beautiful conventional and unconventional backsplashes out there, it truly boils down to the budget and time you’re willing to invest.

An important thing to do before choosing your backsplash is to consider the colors already at play in your kitchen. Ideally you don’t want the countertops to compete with the backsplash and vice versa. Perhaps choosing a color that’s already mixed into your countertops would be a nice option or a whip out a color wheel and see what the complementary color is. You’ll find that the science of color will work to your advantage !


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Check out this Kasbah Trellis Tile backsplash in Jaime Ray Newman’s bright open concept kitchen. Here these hand painted Moroccan-inspired tiles are used in to create a classic and modern look. You can find these gorgeous tiles here.

Choosing a backsplash will be one of the most exciting moments in your renovation journey that can either add a delightful pop of surprise or be a focal point. Not only is choosing a backsplash fun and exhilarating, it can be a creative outlet and say a lot about your personality and design aesthetic. As enjoyable as this venture may be, it may also be overwhelming at the thought of how many options are out there.

First things first, always consider your budget! When in doubt of where to start this is an excellent place to begin. Numbers don’t lie! Let your budget dictate which route you want to go. There are many beautiful DIY options out there that are gorgeous and work for a tight budget and then of course, there are many options more expensive but yield an outstanding result. The good news is no matter what the budget, there is an option for everyone!


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As you can see here a backsplash doesn’t have to be large in scale to make a statement. This stunning kitchen by Clarence & Graves is unique in personality with details such as this gorgeous granite backsplash and it’s strategic placement.

There are few things we love more than a good DIY project. First, there’s the benefit of saving money of course, but also who doesn’t love to get their hands dirty to create a masterpiece all their own? You’ll also get bragging rights of course. Here’s a few ideas you can do yourself to create an eye-catching backsplash as well as a few penny-saving tips:

  • Choose only a portion of the kitchen to add a backsplash to instead of the whole wall space. This might include the nook over your skin or stovetop. Not only will this add a pop of color and a little bit of wow-factor, this may just be the focal point of the kitchen you’re after.
  • Adhesive vinyl- an easy application as well as a budget friendly option for a large space.
  • Metal roofing tiles- adds unconventional rustic and industrial vibes.
  • Peel and stick faux tile yields a classic and timeless result without the hassle of installing real tile.
  • Use wallpaper to create an interesting pattern or textured look.


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Here’s an example of how wallpaper can transform your backsplash from drab to delightful.

  • Laminate wood flooring- an unconventional idea that feels elevated and interesting.
  • Sheet of mosaic glass arranged in abstract patterns- an artsy vibe that will flow with the rest of your home effortlessly.
  • A simple paint upgrade – you may use a fun bold color or paint on your backsplash using a stencil, or painters tape to create a unique design


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These glass emerald green tiles paired with the brass accents have us swooning… As you can see here they decided to bring the backsplash to the base of the crown molding which draws the eye up and creates a luxurious feeling of being in an expensive and iconic kitchen. Don’t be afraid to take a leap into the realm of color !

Now that we have your head spinning with a few great DIY ideas here is a list of some various materials to consider when choosing your backsplash:

  • Shiplap- adds an unusual spin to a backsplash bringing texture and rustic charm to a space.
  • Vinyl- versatile, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Subway tiles (usually as low as $2 per square foot)- come in many colors however, white is classic and timeless and pairs well with other textures and colors for versatility throughout your kitchen. May be arranged in different patterns (herringbone, chevron, horizontal, vertical, crosshatch….)
  • Glass tile- looks original and unique giving off the vibes as expensive with a modern elegance
  • Moroccan Tile: eclectic and bold, this is bound to set your kitchen apart and be a beauty!
  • Brick veneer- if you’re going for the undone-look this one’s for you and adds a picturesque vibe of cottage/rustic chic.
  • Unpainted wood paneling- another great option for something unique and rustic.
  • Peel and stick decals randomly added to different tiles- if you’re going for something less streamline this option can be artistic and abstract.
  • Beadboard- another country cottage feel with a relatively easy installation.
  • Ceiling tiles- an unconventional way to make the space look and feel ornate and luxe.
  • Tin or aluminum- gives off Bohemian and edgy vibes
  • Granite- our all time fave. Looks and feels expensive.


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We love this shiplap backsplash by deVOL kitchen. It creates an attractive backdrop for a classic, farmhouse kitchen making a subtly charming statement especially with the paired brass accents.

Pro tip – research tile donations in your area and you might be able to save a few bucks!


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We love what they have done with the space below the island (a pleasant surprise of a location for a backsplash!) creating an unexpected touch with these brilliant VINYL STICK ONS! This pairs perfectly with the white horizontal subway tiles above creating a clean and classic look. Do yourself a favor and check out quadrostylestickers – because just….. wow.


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This look may not be for everyone, however we love it and think it genius for the color choice and the tasteful way the pink is incorporated throughout other details scattered around the kitchen.

Whatever your backsplash dreams are made of, remember to keep true to your personal style and have fun with it !

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