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How to choose paint colours

Together let’s decide what colour to repaint your home. Start with your favourite colour. What colour do you love the most? Use your favourite colour as your base colour, you can now use it to create a colour scheme. If you need some Inspiration try looking at Colour wheels, magazines, catalogs and social media such as Pinterest and instagram to create inspiration boards of your favourite ideas! These low-priced colour tools can give you colour scheme ideas quickly and easily!

  • Neutral colours – choosing neutral colours doesn’t have to be simple, you can be creative by adding patterns, wall paper or having a neutral wall with a pastel ceiling which creates a soothing vibe of space.
  • Print fabric – eg. pillows, bedding and linens. They can inspire you as you like to match the paint to the fabric, or you can go the other way about it and match the fabric to the paint.
  • Sample – Make sure you sample your paint colours in the daytime to get a proper idea of your colour choice.
  • Artwork – An interior designer’s secret is choosing colours from artwork in your home. Artists are masters of colour and light. Try choosing colours from your favourite piece of art.
  • Different shades – sometimes all you need is a small adjustment to find the right paint colour. Before you abandon your paint colour try a lighter or darker shade (You can also ask your paint store to customise for you).
  • Undertones – The undertone colour may surprise you when testing paint colours. This is why sampling is essential!
  • How to keep the colour flowing through your home – Flowing paint colour through a small home gives the illusion of a larger space and creates a relaxing vibe. The most beautiful way to use flowing colour is to choose a neutral colour that will be your signature colour. Also consider the flooring being similar from room to room.
  • Colour consultant – If you are still unsure what colour to choose a colour consultant can point you in the right direction. They can provide you with paint colour ideas to sample or even a custom-designed colour palette. Before meeting with your colour consultant, think of some ideas and inspiration to share with them so that they can see what you have in mind.
  • APPS – The most popular paint colour apps give you the option to match a colour you see anywhere, as long as the phone camera can read it. They can also offer colour palettes created around your colour and ways to share your palettes with friends!


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