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Master bedroom remodel

The great thing about bedroom remodeling is that you get to focus on the paint colors, fabric, flooring, wallpaper and window treatments which is the best part of remodelling without any plumbing work! Expanding upward or outward to build a new addition bedroom is a positive long term investment for when you come to sell your home. Redecorating an existing bedroom is vastly cheaper and faster to accomplish.


Bedroom lighting is often overlooked as kitchen or bathroom lighting is normally the focus however start thinking about a combination of light sources for your bedroom.

– Ceiling lights which are switch controlled come in various fun shades or maybe you want to upgrade to a chandelier.
  • Wall lights are perfect for reading in bed.

  • Retro track lights are flexible allowing you to position them perfectly.



Bedroom flooring should feel a sense of warmth, safety, and coziness. Hard flooring options are recommended only in warm areas that experience high humidity. Otherwise, we recommend soft floors that are friendly to bare feet, such as carpet or laminate flooring where you also can add a cosy rug.

Engineered wood flooring can be installed with radiant heat coils underneath which is perfect for when the weather gets cooler. The favorite bedroom flooring options for warmth and comfort is carpet, wood or quality laminate flooring with rugs.

An upcoming bedroom flooring choice is a vinyl plank. Vinyl traditionally has been a thin, cold material best for kitchens or bathrooms. But thicker vinyl plank flooring with a solid core feels warmer and it’s kind to bare feet. Good quality bedroom flooring sets the tone for relaxing evenings in bed, followed by deep, restful nights of sleep.


How to add character to your bedroom. Your bedroom should show your personality through color, art and fabrics.

Themed bedrooms – for example a tropical theme.

Creating a tropical bedroom can be simple by buying a canopy bed, adding bamboo window shades, and a ceiling fan. For a sophisticated island look, keep it simple with plants and pillow accents, for a clean, beautiful themed bedroom.

Other popular bedroom styles include shabby chic, Tuscan, Hollywood Regency, and contemporary.

Paint Scheme

Paint your bedroom any color that you love. It’s not worth painting the bedroom a certain color just for the sake of trends. Bedrooms, along with hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms, are the easiest room in the house to repaint.

Maybe try darker colors for a more relaxing feel perfect for large bedrooms. Small bedrooms benefit from space-making light color such as pastels, grays, or neutrals.

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