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Retrofit (replacement) Windows with A2Z Remodeling

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What are Retrofit Windows?

Retrofit windows are an excellent option for a quick home improvement project when there are budget or time constraints. They were developed so contractors do not have to remove the exterior materials of your home in order to install windows. They’re measured to fit in an existing window opening and will only replace the actual window itself, saving both time and labour costs with all the benefits of new windows.

Why do we use them?

A2Z Remodeling helps residential property owners adhere to the Bay Area’s mandatory retrofit programs, whilst mitigating against earthquake damage, reducing liability and increasing safety. In the Bay Area, having a local contractor experienced in earthquake retrofitting and one who adheres to the building codes and requirements of the Bay Area’s mandatory retrofit program is vital. Our job is to make your building’s structural elements stronger in case of an earthquake.


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Our commercial earthquake services:

⦁ Earthquake Retrofitting

⦁ Foundation Bolting

⦁ Wall Bracing

⦁ Cripple Wall Bracing

⦁ Repairing Cripple Wall Cracking

⦁ Additional Anchor Bolting

Benefits of our seismic retrofit services:

The best way to protect your business against the next inevitable earthquake is to plan ahead and get started on our seismic retrofit program. Here are some of the top advantages…


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⦁ Prevent Catastrophes

The main benefit of foundation bolting is it secures your building to the foundation to prevent severe damage, including walls buckling, collapsing, lifting off the foundation, and potential injuries to occupants.

⦁ Fix Structural Deficiencies

Many soft-story buildings lack overhead support above the parking spaces. When the structure sways during a quake, damage can occur. We can make your building more resistant to lateral movements with reinforcements.

⦁ Decrease Fatalities

The “cripple walls” run from the top of the foundation to the bottom of the main floor. Unbraced, they can collapse. That is one of the main causes of fatalities during a quake. Properly braced walls increase safety.

⦁ Reduce Liability

Within the next 50 years, USGS shows 97.52% of a significant earthquake within 31 miles of Bay Area. With our earthquake retrofit services, you can reduce your liability, limit damage, injuries, and possible fatalities.

⦁ Avoid Fines

When your building is retrofitted correctly to meet California’s laws and the building codes of Bay Area, it will be more resistant to seismic activity. Plus, you won’t be hit with fines and a possible misdemeanour charge.

So why should you purchase Retrofit Windows with A2Z?

Retrofit windows are made with a double insulated glass that will save you a lot of money when it comes to conserving energy. Double insulated windows are insulated to cut down energy loss. These windows are made from materials such as aluminium, wood and vinyl and are available in various colours to help you match the exterior of your home. This brings up another reason that people use retrofit windows… they have the ability to update the entire look of your home as they can also be fitted with shutters to give you a very different look. These shutters can also be made functional to give you that little extra protection when the weather becomes unpredictable. Moreover, the biggest reason to retrofit your windows with our contractors is for comfort and saving money.


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By the law of California, every project over $500 must pull a permit.

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