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Where To Start Prior To Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Today we are going to talk about how to choose your kitchen cabinets. But first…appliances ! Wait how do the two go together you ask? Keep reading to find out ! We can imagine how excited you are at the prospect of, or in the thick of kitchen renovations but mostly because choosing cabinets is exciting and is one of the main elements to setting up a gorgeous and functional kitchen. If you haven’t noticed already, the cabinets in any kitchen make or break a space. What do we mean by that? Well, quite frankly if the color, material and hardware look outdated, the rest of the kitchen will most likely look drab too. So let’s figure out how you can set off on the right foot to cabinet perfection !

First things first: we’ve heard it directly from the professionals that when it comes to choosing cabinets the first line of action is to select your appliances. This is because if you find the cabinets of your dreams and you purchase them only to find out they don’t fit with the appliances you already have, it will be a major let down to say the least.

 After you pick the right appliances for your space, it is important to have a three-dimensional understanding of your design. This helps you figure out the space and will ensure you feel excellent about your decision before moving forward and sinking heaps of money into a large project. It sort of goes without saying but we will say it anyway: always consult a professional before doing any major renovations. Not to put down your measuring skills but the pros will ensure you don’t have wonky drawers that don’t fit or appliances that don’t fully open. They will also help you figure out a good layout that will make your cooking experience fun and practical.


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Now if you’re like the majority of us, you wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks if possible during your renovation so you can use it elsewhere. Here’s a trick of the trade; before choosing the appliances for your kitchen remodel, consult a manager in any appliance retail store or outlet and ask if they have any appliances that have an open box discount or minimal damage (where it’s not obvious or impacting it’s functionality). Many times there are discounts for damaged appliances and yet they look and work almost perfectly. Another option to consider is to wait to buy these large purchases during big sales events like fourth of July or Labor Day sales and get a hefty discount.

Remember that if you order online pay attention to the fine print and always order the recommended items that come with the appliance because they come directly from the manufacturer. More often than not you can’t buy them in the store. It is also important that when you buy appliances check with the vendor to see if they can install it for liability reasons and for you to keep the warranty.

The next step is considering your kitchen layout. To start, in the kitchen there are three main working areas that must have the correct flow, also referred to as the “holy triangle of cooking”. This includes the sink, refrigerator, and cook top or stove. Each must be four to nine feet away from the other without anything blocking the flow in the middle. Of course there can be some exceptions but if that’s the case, it should come from a professional. Because these are the three main cooking areas, once they are in order it makes it easier and more enjoyable to cook without having to walk far for the items or service area you need. Your body will thank you ergonomically speaking ! Just remember to buy your appliances according to that rule and then you can start to add from there. Think in terms of efficiency and and storage. Even if you don’t realize it now, you will always appreciate more storage space especially in a kitchen.

After determining the proper layout to your kitchen, the next important factor before choosing cabinets is to be sure you have your ceiling height measured by a professional.

Normally a base cabinet is 36 inches. The height of the base cabinet recommendation from wall cabinet to base cabinet is 18 inches or more. Every vendor carries different sized wall cabinets. To keep to code it is recommended the gap between cabinets is no more than 18 inches. In kitchen there must be 36 inches clearance of walking space between cabinets. Some professionals would go further and recommend 42 inches between because it allows for more free space and makes it more convenient for two people cooking in the kitchen.


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