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An outdoor deck design offers various perks and advantages; whether you want to dine, read a book, or enjoy the sunshine, they provide all that and more. Following are six outdoor deck designs to watch out for in 2022… Deck with a bar – an attractive design idea, a great place to meet with friends… Continue reading Decking

How to choose paint colours

Together let’s decide what colour to repaint your home. Start with your favourite colour. What colour do you love the most? Use your favourite colour as your base colour, you can now use it to create a colour scheme. If you need some Inspiration try looking at Colour wheels, magazines, catalogs and social media such… Continue reading How to choose paint colours

Landlord advice for renovation

There is so much choice out there now for renters that you need to make your property stand out. One successful way to do this is with a newly renovated or refurbished home. Renovations must be scaled to your expected return on investments as you are not going to be living in this property just… Continue reading Landlord advice for renovation

Home Repipe

It is inevitable that you will face plumbing issues as a homeowner however, sometimes a simple repair isn’t enough and you need to have your entire home repiped (which sounds like a big deal) but no need to be intimidated. We will guide you through the entire process! Starting from determining if you need a… Continue reading Home Repipe

How to renovate a house

Home renovation is the best way to get the home you desire. You can also make a profit when you come to sell, if done right! Any house renovation project requires planning but you also need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Here are the steps you should consider to achieve the perfect renovation…… Continue reading How to renovate a house

Advantages of renovating multiple parts of the house all at once

A reputable and licensed general contractor will be able to help you navigate your project. Also partnering with a general contractor will help you to properly prepare for the home remodel work based on an estimated timeline. In many cases, the most practical way to maximize time and cost is to group several projects together.… Continue reading Advantages of renovating multiple parts of the house all at once

Master Bathroom Renovation Recommendations – Your 9 step plan

Step 1. Determine what you need in your bathroom Identify your goals for the space next. Do you want something that will invigorate and energize you, or is a haven you want to escape to? You will have to choose fixtures, fittings and a color scheme based on this. Most people have uncompromisable luxury features… Continue reading Master Bathroom Renovation Recommendations – Your 9 step plan

​​Kitchen Design Blog

Choosing your cabinets, flooring, tile, appliances, and paint can be a daunting task. It is not the appearance of the kitchen that makes it liveable, but its functionality that makes it so. When designing and planning a kitchen, you should keep a few important kitchen layout ideas in mind. If you want your kitchen design… Continue reading ​​Kitchen Design Blog

Why is October a good month to remodel your home

The big question, “When is the best time of year to renovate my home?” Here are the top six reasons why fall may just be the best time to invest in home renovation: Weather   The main benefits of waiting until fall for home renovation projects is that it offers great weather conditions for workers.… Continue reading Why is October a good month to remodel your home

Architectural and engineering plans

Creating a carefully engineered plan by professionally designing and capturing the initial creative ideas and turning them into a fully detailed high-quality structure. We take pride in this process by providing experience, clear guidance and a focused team of professionals. You won’t only have a great experience but amazing results to match. At A2Z we… Continue reading Architectural and engineering plans