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Why open the kitchen space

Open-plan living has become a part of our everyday lives, it takes time and skill to plan and design an open plan kitchen. Key factors you should consider are clever zoning, decorating and sound control. An open kitchen space offers great versatility for the way we live today.

1. Create a chill-out space

The best way to break up a big area is by clever placement of furniture. Creating a cozy chill-out area, the sofa creates a divide between the space in the room and breaks it up. Flooring also has the same effect, changing the flooring creates a visual break, even just adding a large rug will. But make sure the two flooring materials and patterns compliment each other.

2. Layout

You need to consider your kitchen layout. If you have enough space we would recommend a small utility room as this keeps your washing machine and dishwasher separate and out of sight. Take into consideration where your guests will sit while you cook and where you would like to eat. Maybe you would like to add a breakfast bar which needs to be situated away from the work zone so no one gets in the way, but close enough so conversation flows easily.

3. Section off an area

For a large family an open space kitchen may be quite challenging. A lot of family members sharing the same space at the same time can create a lot of noise. This is why a chill-out zone is important to factor in. A separate area allows more space in the kitchen. You could even consider sectioning off the chill-out space with glazed walls, sliding panels or slatted screens.

4. Choose coordinating color

You want to choose a similar color palette throughout your kitchen as this creates a sense of flow and unity. You can add feature walls with a splash of color or wallpaper to make it ‘pop’ . Maybe you want to add a statement rug, brick wall or painting for color but you want to link the areas through your color scheme.

5. Use lighting to highlight different areas

Changing the mood through lighting. Lighting is key in an open plan Kitchen and can help create different moods and zones. Think about the different lighting you will need for example, bright lighting when you are preparing the food and dimmable lighting when you are entertaining and want to relax in the evening. Maybe you want to consider getting sky lights or dimmers.

6. kitchen island

A freestanding kitchen island is the perfect way to break up a large space and create a divide between the different areas. You want to place the island facing away from the hob and oven and towards the chill-out zone and seating area instead.

7. Family time

Most importantly the biggest advantage of an open kitchen is being able to socialize more easily with your family whilst cooking. If you have a young family it enables you to keep an eye on your children whilst you are busy preparing dinner for your family.

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